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What are some great interior design ideas?

Designing a home can be an incredibly difficult and strenuous process. Whether you have built a brand new home, or have purchased a historic home that has hundreds of years of history behind it – you will want to know exactly where to begin in order to keep things mess-free and organized. At Homify, we have decided to make things as easy as possible for you – with categorizing each room or area of the home and also categorizing according to styles (Minimalist, Scandinavian, Traditional, Modern, etc;) you can easily search our amazing database for inspirations for your every need. Not only do you have access to high-quality pictures and designers, but you can personally view and contact each designer through their online profile and see their exact location and various projects they’ve completed. We provide you with a vast and aesthetically-pleasing online database to create your own ideabooks or even showcase your own projects – we have successfully created an online community for designers and home owners to collaborate and work together to beautify your home!

Where can I find home decorating ideas?

Having a perfect, dream home is what a lot of homeowners are after, and if you decide to properly utilize what you have then you’ll be much happier in the long run than always going for large construction-based projects. For inspiration, look everywhere aroun you – a friend’s home, flea/antique markets, art museums, TV programs and of course, interior design and architecture magazines. Of course, we suggest you take a look at our plethora of ideabooks as great inspiration for home décor and decorating. What’s great about our interior design ideabooks is that they come with high-quality pictures, loads of helpful text and are written and provided for you by people that have spent their lives studying design and aesthetics. What’s even better is that Homify ideabooks take into account all types of styles, homes, sizes and budgets – we like to keep things dreamy, yet realistic. It's most helpful to create an online account so as you sift through Homify’s categories, rooms, pictures and designers, you can keep track of what you like most. You can search our categories based on styles – Scandinavian, modern, minimalist, traditional, etc; You can also search based off keywords, designers and most importantly, rooms. For example, if you’re looking for inspiration to design a Scandinavian-style living room, dining room or even bathroom, we have thousands of pictures and designers that are ready to show you where to begin!

What exactly can I do to my rooms? 

It is important when approaching the interior design of your home that you go in prepared with a strategic plan. Focus your attention on one area or room in your home at a time and make sure that as you move throughout your home that you keep everything consistent and thematic as not to have too much eclecticism. It’s always easier to focus on one colour palette and use complimentary or off-shades of this palette throughout your home. If you have a specific taste and/or style that you prefer (minimalism, traditional, eclectic, Scandinavian, etc;) try to utilize this design everywhere and in every small detail. 

What are some great small room ideas? 

For decorating small rooms you have to watch your colour palette, first and foremost. The slightest bit of bold or dark colours on the walls can effect the illusion of space in the area. Keep walls neutral and make sure to let as much natural light as possible infiltrate the space. Make sure to use sheers instead of curtains and keep the colours light and airy to let natural light come in during all seasons. Another great interior design tip is to keep the furniture small- to medium-sized and make sure you have only the necessities – a sofa, a coffee table, one or two accent tables and great light fixtures. As for décor, keep things colourful, interesting and dynamic since you’ve decided to use neutral colours elsewhere. 

What are some great room ideas? 

Creating a solid design scheme in a home can be a difficult task, no matter what size your home is. For example, when you have a traditional home with a modern kitchen and Mediterranean-style outdoor area it can be hard to create a unified look. Through strategic planning and versatile home décor this can be done! First, you should settle on a particular style, then think about the different functions for the different rooms and areas of your home. Another aspect is to think about your lifestyle – if you tend to host dinner parties and social events, if you tend to work and live a lot from home, or if you are only at home during nights and weekends – these are all things that should effect how you handle each room. If you live alone, it might be easier to decide on a concept and ideas for interior design as you’re only concerned with yourself and occasionally the company of others. For this person, it might be easier to settle on one style or scheme and bring it to each room through carefully thought-out colour-palettes, décor and furnishings. For families, different rooms will hold different impact and importance and may do better with a more eclectic feel. For example, pulling similarities between a kitchen, a children’s room and a master bedroom might be difficult, so sticking to what is best for each person and each area might be the best idea. 

What wall colour should I choose for my rooms? 

When deciding on a wall colour for rooms in your home there are many options to consider. First, decided on a colour palette will make things easier, as this will not only include the obvious choice of which wall colour you want, but the colours, textures and patterns on anything from furniture to pillows and rugs and carpeting. Warmer colour palettes tend to work with traditional and Mediterranean-style homes, whereas cold and stark colours work better with modern, minimalist or Scandinavian interiors. Something else to consider is if you prefer stark walls or an all-white interior, think about a feature wall, which would mean only painting one wall in a room with a bold colour – just make sure that this feature wall colour pulls from other items in the room, details and inspirations. 

What type of flooring should I put in my rooms? 

As flooring is an incredibly functional aspect of any room, you should consider the function of the entire room and how much foot traffic it will receive from both you and your family and your guests. For example, most homeowners tend to avoid carpeting and high-pile rugs in kitchens and bathrooms for hygienic reasons. Hard wood floors, linoleum, bamboo, tile and carpet tend to be the most popular options and when choosing one or the other, you should consider costs, installation time, how it will effect the function of each room and also how much maintenance it will require of you for years to come.

Which type of interior design is right for me? 

In order to quickly establish why type of interior design scheme is best for you, it is best to carefully analyze you home, each room and their function. For example, you might include different items and techniques in a bedroom, than in a kitchen or bathroom. With rooms that tend to be more functional, you need to make sure your design techniques and ideas don’t impede on the sole purpose of the room or space. When analyzing your home, see if you would consider you home more modern, traditional, classic or historic. Depending on what your decision is, this could have great impact on your interior design ideas and will easily impact your budget and costs. Three things should ultimately be thought about before deciding on a design scheme for your home – the type of home, the size of your home and the function of each individual room.

Are there any specific tips for home décor in my rooms? 

When decorating your home and thinking about the furnishings, décor, colour palette, theme and style, this should be an exciting time. Some homeowners choose to stick to a specific colour palette or one particular style – perhaps there is one furnishing you love the most and want to decorate around this item. Approaching home décor should always include a plan as to avoid overcrowding and cluttering. Have a vision and organizing according to this vision are incredibly important, so much so that this is the concept behind most professional interior designer’s plans. Choose some items that are new and unique, but also include pieces that hold a specific importance to you or sentimental value. A mismatch of both new and old items should always be considered when redecorating. 

How to: Classic rooms

Classic rooms attempt to display a sense of timeless elegance and simplicity. Through strategic colour-palettes, textures, furnishings and art, classic-rooms wish to highlight the importance of organizational and beautiful living within family homes while promoting a sense of cleanliness and liveliness. Classic rooms are defined by neutral (occasionally bold) colours, grand statement pieces and sometimes can give an eclectic sense of culture when decorated according to certain geographic regions and tastes. For example – Scandinavian minimalist mixed with Berlin-chic or New York City loft-style. 

How to: Eclectic style rooms

Eclectic-style rooms are defined by an amalgamation of colours, textures, styles and quirky accessories. Fitting of everyone at any age, the eclectic-style tends to hold most prominence with young professionals and young families. Homify has great options for those searching for eclectic-style rooms, including (but not limited to) mismatching patterns, bold colour-palettes, quirky accessories and odditieies, as well as a wide range of furnishings and décor from several team periods of styles. 

How to: Modern rooms

Modern interiors are typically include minimalistic or modern/traditional furnishings. The colour palette of modern rooms and homes is quite vast and bold, ranging from warm and cold colours, to exposed materials such as hardwoods, pipes and concrete, as well as modern and intricate textiles and patterned accessories. Even in traditional homes you will find at least one or two rooms that are of the “modern” tastes – such as kitchens and bathrooms, as well as modern-style landscaping. Modern homes are perfect for single-living and are becoming more and more common among young families with children due to their sleek functionality and minimalist approach to life. 

How to: Scandinavian style rooms

Scandinavian-Style is all about sleek minimalism, neutral colours and high-quality furnishings designed within the scope of Scandinavian, mid-century modern periods. These rooms are typically neutral in colour, with pops are additions of colour being added through textile patterns and quirky, minimalist accessories. The furniture is kept classic, if not with a retro touch, while the design quality is kept timeless and of high-quality.

How to: Mediterranean style rooms

For a Mediterranean living style, large, open kitchens, traditional family-sized furnishings and warm colours are all necessary features. The focus is on the family, while entertaining and comfort come as close second options to home décor importance. The objective of Mediterranean-style living is to create a warm and cosy environment that is reminiscent of family gatherings, summer time holidays and relaxation.

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